Slate Restoration Core Values

Speak to a licensed qualified technician immediately


Our mission is to save the world from bad restoration contractors.
Every job we do is a job that doesn’t go to some other dirt-bag.

Key factors for choosing Slate Restoration

Do the right thing

Too many restoration companies feel like they have to decide between making money or doing the right thing. Not us, we believe that over the long-term, doing the right thing will not only help us sleep at night, but will lead to our greatest financial success as well.

Actually care

Everyone says they care, but we show that we actually care. People know what actually caring feels like. When you fake it, people know. We don’t want to pretend like we care, we want to actually care.

Professionalism and Accountability

Caring, while essential, cannot make up for a lack of professionalism and accountability. Be a grown up. That means every member of the team will be given clear expectations and will be expected to live up to those expectations. No excuses.

Personal and Professional Development

Work when approached with the right attitude can help us develop skills and attributes that not only help us to succeed at work, but can make us better fathers, mothers, friends, and members of our community. As we learn to view our work as an opportunity for growth, we can tackle even the most mundane tasks with enthusiasm and purpose.

100% Culture Fit

To truly have the team that we aspire to have, every one has to buy in completely. We will not sacrifice the well being of the team for one person who is not willing to commit.

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