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Your Scottsdale home or business can quickly be set to rights with our restoration services. Our licensed technicians will look at your mold, smoke or water damage issues closely and formulate, with your input, a plan to make your space inhabitable again. We have many years of experience in restoration and will put all of our effort into giving you the best solutions for your situation. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling.

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Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration

Whether your property has excess water from a busted pipe or a flood, there is always a need for immediate action. The effects of water damage may soon become long term if not treated correctly and efficiently. What may seem like a small damaged area may actually be damaged severely in places that can not be seen. We know that safety is your number one priority, which is why are dedicated to providing you the service your property deserves. Our Scottsdale restoration technicians are prepared to face any water damage situation they might come across. Sometimes, we find that some areas can be simply dried out, and other times, areas need to be removed entirely. However, we are well aware that each case is unique and we take the effort to make sure that your home is properly taken care of. At Slate Restoration, between our top of the line equipment and Applied Structural Drying trained technicians we guarantee to restore your property in the fastest, safest way possible.

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Scottsdale Smoke Damage Restoration

Following any fire there will always be smoke damage left behind. Although some smoke damage may appear to be easy to clean, you should never attempt to repair smoke damage on your own. Without the correct tools and resources, the existing damage may cause further damages, such as building corrosion. Don’t let your property fall risk to these damages. At Slate Restoration, with our top of the line equipment and our top of the line Scottsdale restoration technicians, we are prepared to face any smoke cleanup situation with the appropriate plan of attack. Additionally, we always keep your safety as our number one priority. We assess each situation from every angle to determine what can be saved and what needs to be removed. Smoke damage is never fun to deal with, but when you choose us, we promise you’re in the best hands possible. So relax, while we work hard to get your property back to a flawless state.

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Scottsdale Fire Cleanup

After a fire there is a whole range of destruction that occurs. From char and ash buildup to entire structural damage, Slate Restoration is prepared to handle any and all repairs necessary for a complete fire cleanup. After a fire, there is undoubtedly going to be a lot going through your mind. We want to help alleviate the frustration and worry that follows a fire on your property. Our goal is to provide you with a clean, safe property as soon as possible, and we are geared the resources necessary to do just that.  In addition to having the newest and best equipment out there, all of our Scottsdale restoration technicians have vast amounts of experience and knowledge that allow us to guarantee a quick, complete fire cleanup with your safety as our number priority. Let us help you get your life back in tact, call Slate Restoration.


Scottsdale Emergency Board Up Services

If you have suddenly found yourself in need of emergency board up services for your Scottsdale property, call Slate Restoration right away. There are a number of causes which may leave your property unprotected from the outside world. These may include anything from vandalism, to unexpected, severe weather. When such incidents occur, there is not much you can do to keep yourself protected. Let us help you protect your family, home, and business from any further weather or vandalism damage by having one of Scottsdale restoration technicians be at your door in minutes. We know that you don’t have the time to focus on repairing your property the instant it is damaged, so let us help out and make this stressful experience a bit less stressful. No matter the situation that need arose from, we guarantee that our board up services will keep you and your property safe.

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