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Get your Queen Creek business or residence back in top shape quickly with support from our licensed technicians. Give us a call to get the process started. You’ll speak with one of our very experienced techs and we’ll assess your situation. Then, we’ll work on an action plan with you and provide exactly the services you need. It’s as simple as that. Don’t wait another second to get your space fixed.

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Queen Creek Water Damage Restoration

Excess water can do an incredible amount of damage. If it is not dealt with quickly and correctly, damages which may otherwise have been minor, can cause sever damage to a property. We know you have more important things you could be worried about, and we want to ensure the best for you an your property. That is why at Slate Restoration, we are committed to providing Queen Creek restoration technicians accompanied with the resources necessary to rectify any water damage that has occurred. Our technicians are fully trained in Applied Structural Drying, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your property is in good hands. Additionally, all of our equipment is up to date and extremely cutting edge. We are well aware of the damages that incorrectly treated water damage can cause. Slate Restorations knows that your safety comes first, which is why we want to help you restore your property. We promise to return your Queen Creek property suffering from water damage back to its original state as quickly and safely as possible.

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Queen Creek Smoke Damage Restoration

In the event of any sort of fire, there will always be smoke damage left behind. This can result from anything as severe as a rampant forest fire, to something less frightening, such as a cooking fire. Regardless of the cause, the smoke damage left behind should not be cleaned by anyone other than a professional. At Slate Restoration, we have highly experienced Queen Creek restoration technicians who are fully equipped to assess the smoke damage and decide whether the affected area needs to be cleaned or to be removed. Smoke damage can cause much more than just a dirty scene. Improper cleaning may result in residual odors and left behind chemicals which can corrode the building and foundation. These are hazards no one should be risking, and we will work hard to make sure that you are safe in your property. We understand that different fires cause different damages, and that’s why we treat each case uniquely. With training under the IICRC guidelines, we will select the best path of action to return you to your Queen Creek property as quickly and safely as possible.

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Queen Creek Fire Cleanup

In the aftermath of a fire, someone is always needed to assess the damages and decide on a path towards repair. A fire on your property can devastate your well-being both during and after. We know the last thing you want to do after a fire has occurred in your property is spend your time cleaning the scene. No one plans for a fire, and so no one has the time in their busy schedules to clean the aftermath of a fire. Let us do the cleaning for you, so you can focus on your life, and move past this situation as quickly as possible. Our fire cleanup technicians at Slate Restoration are highly experiencedand prepared to work on returning your Queen Creek property to its former, unblemished state. Whether you need minimal ash and rubble removal or entire damaged structure demolition, our technicians are fully equipped to handle any fire clean up, keeping your property safe and clean.

Queen Creek Emergency Board Up Services

Severe weather, vandalism, and other unexpected events can suddenly place you in need of immediate emergency board up services. When your windows, doors, or other property entryways are broken, the inside of your property, along with everything in it, is left vulnerable to the outside. When you are away, there’s no knowing what, or who, can get inside. This puts you and your valuable belongs in great danger. We know that situations like these require immediate attention, and that’s why Slate Restoration has Queen Creek restoration technicians prepared to dispatch in mere minutes. We promise to provide quality work in order to keep your home or property safe and out of harm’s way. Regardless of the damage, we can provide board up services to remove the risk of theft and further injury to your Queen Creek property. Don’t let an unprotected property stay unprotected, call Slate Restoration.

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