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After you sustain water, mold or smoke damage, returning your Mesa home or business to normal can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. But you don’t have to figure it all out on your own--Slate Restoration is here to help. Your problem will be assessed by our licensed, highly qualified technicians. Then, we’ll work with you to come up with a game plan for tackling each issue and execute the services you need.

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Mesa Water Damage Restoration

Your property can suffer water damage from a number of causes, all of which are serious and demand immediate action. Whether a small leak, or a flood, we are committed to providing the best response team possible. With all of our Mesa restoration technicians fully trained in Applied Structural Drying, we want to make you feel comfortable in knowing that your property’s well being will be taken into great consideration. We approach every water damage situation with the utmost care; understanding that some areas can simply be dried out and others need to be removed. We know that no two cases are the same, and we are willing to work hard to understand your property’s water damage in order to do what is best. Our top of the line equipment, as well as our well-trained technicians, guarantee that your Mesa property will be restored quickly and safely.

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Mesa Smoke Damage Restoration

Whether it be from a wildfire or a kitchen fire, if your property has come in contact with smoke, you have damages. At Slate Restoration, we are prepared to deal with that smoke damageregardless of the severity. Don’t let the damages left behind by smoke cause you to endure any more suffering than you already have. Improper cleaning of smoke damage can leave behind atrocious odors and even begin to corrode building foundations. Fortunately for you, we understand the dangers of smoke damage. Our Mesa restoration technicians are fully trained to deal with even the toughest smoke damage, and possess the equipment necessary to return your property to its optimal state. We are dedicated to making sure that after smoke damage your home or business is functional as quickly as possible. We are willing to work hard so that you can focus on your life, without the hassle of repairing smoke damage.

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Mesa Fire Cleanup

Fire departments respond to fires every 24 seconds. Fires happen. After any sort of fire, Slate Restoration is prepared to help remove any trace of the damage. Whether your Mesa property is suffering from simple char and ash buildup, or if entire structures are damaged beyond repair, we guarantee a complete fire cleanup. Sometimes things happen out of our control, and leave behind damages that are not our fault. We understand that. We know your life revolves around so much more than cleaning up the damage left behind by a fire. Put your trust in Slate Restoration, and let us clean up the damage resulting from a fire. Our technicians have been fully trained, and possess the knowledge that comes from a vast amount of experience, approaching each fire clean up situation with your safety as their number one priority. We focus on the cleanup, so you can live your life with the comfort of knowing that your property will be in its best condition in no time.

Mesa Emergency Board Up Services

The need for emergency board-up services is rarely one you plan on, and usually it is necessitated very quickly. Whether vandalism, or a freak weather occurrence, leaving your property exposed to the outside world is something no one wants to do. That is why Slate Restoration guarantees to send out trained technicians to your property in mere minutes to protect you and your valuable assets. With our Mesa restoration services, you can rest easy in knowing that your property and valuables will be safe while it is repaired. In the event of severe weather, vandalism, or any other situation that may leave your property open to outside forces, we will be there in a moment’s notice with the resources necessary for emergency board up services to keep you and your property safe.

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