Mold Removal Services Mesa, AZ

Our company specializes in mold inspection, remediation and removal in Mesa, AZ. We have a team of professionals who see to it that your family or employees are kept safe and healthy by maintaining a mold-free environment.

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Speak to a Licensed Qualified Technician Immediately

We provide appropriate solutions and treatments to any of your mold-related problems, whether your property is residential or commercial, and regardless of how big or small your property is. We will quickly respond. We also provide slate restoration and water damage services.

If your property is infested with mold or if you suspect so, you should immediately call us for inspection, remediation or removal. We will perform the necessary actions and provide the appropriate solutions to your concerns. Mold problems are bad for the health. They produce irritants and allergens that can be hazardous to your safety and health. Don’t let the problem become worse than it already is. Give us a call and we will be there to the rescue.

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Mold Inspection & Remediation

There are certain signs indicating that your property is contaminated with mold. The usual suspects are water stains, strong odors and visible growth. You may also experience any of these health symptoms if there is contamination in your home or office: irritations, coughing, wheezing, allergic reactions and certain lung-related issues. If you see these signs and symptoms, don’t wait any longer.

Our certified professionals will quickly respond and conduct inspection and remediation at your property.

Although each scenario of mold infestation calls for a different action, the general process remains the same. After you give us a call, we will arrive and conduct an inspection and mold damage assessment. After that, we perform mold containment and control. We do this by containing the area using negative air pressure. We then do air filtration. If the situation calls for it, we remove the mold, including the mold-infested materials off your property. We the clean these materials properly, including their contents, if there are any. The last step would be restoration, if needed.

Mold Prevention

If you believe that your home or commercial space might be possibly susceptible to mold¸ you must call us to prevent it from spreading and further contaminating your home. Mold can grow very fast. Their growth is triggered by the presence of certain temperature, moisture and some other conditions. When it starts its life cycle, it grows within 24-48 hours. The cycle starts with hyphal growth, then spore formation, spore dispersal and ultimately, spore germination. To prevent all these from happening, don’t let the mold left untreated. You know that your property might be infested if you see these signs:

Excess Indoor Moisture and Dampness

Flooding and Water Damage

Plumbing Leaks

Drainage Problems Poor Ventilation or Insulation

Water Damage

Mold can result to water damage. Such damages can be caused by severe water intrusion and possible flooding. The damage can happen in your bedroom, bathroom, drywall, basement, plaster, kitchen or any other areas infested with mold or near water sources.

To prevent water damage from worsening and causing further damage, give us a call and we are always ready to lend a hand. Our certified and licensed technicians can effectively and quickly treat water damage. They also dry the affected areas and ensure that property humidity levels and moisture in your home or building are maintained. We put your environment under control in the soonest time possible.

Why Us

Our company has a team of licensed and certified technicians who act quickly and respond efficiently. Slate Restoration, LLC also have the right materials and equipment necessary for the inspection, remediation and removal of mold. Suffice it to say, we have the experience and knack for things related to mold removal and water damage. We understand mold and how serious it is. We know what it can do to your property and health. We take that seriously. Your health and safety are our priority.

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