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Sally Rodriguez

Office Manager

Sally is lovingly referred to by some of the team as Mama Sally (even though she is definitely not old enough to be any of our moms). She earned that nickname because she is selfless and kind and always taking care of us. We would be lost without her.


Brittaney Anderson

Customer Service Extraordinaire

Brittaney is the Slate Happiness Advocate. Her only job is to make sure that all parties on all jobs are informed, comfortable and well taken care of. That means she has the difficult job of juggling the needs of our homeowners, their insurance providers, our team and others. She is the best.


Derek Martindale

Emergency Services Manager

Derek is the Emergency Services Manager at SLATE. It is under Derek’s leadership that most of our work is performed. He is a great dad with two young boys and an awesome wife. As the owner, I have also had the pleasure of being his friend since junior high and could not be more grateful to be able to have such a great friend.


Preston Browning

Lead Water Damage Restoration Technician


Tim Montgomery

Lead Water Damage Restoration Technician

Tim is a military veteran and a single dad with an adorable daughter Kadence. If you are lucky enough you might even catch her riding shotgun out to jobs on weekends with her dad. Tim exemplifies our core value of actually caring and we are lucky to have him.



Hannah loves Dr Pepper and getting stuff done. She is organized and efficient and makes everyone’s life easier. When I give her a task that I assume will take all day, she usually gets it done in an hour and leaves me stumped as to what to have her tackle next.

British Andy

British andy

British Andy, spoiler alert, is English. He might be a terrible person but its so hard to tell with such a charming accent. Luckily for us, he is actually hard-working, caring and thoughtful.



Nick brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SLATE. Along with his brother-in-law Dario, they have previously worked over a ten year period growing a small restoration start-up to one of the largest and most successful companies in town before joining SLATE. Nick also spends his weekends running leadership trainings and bringing an immense positive impact in his community.



Dario also brings a world of experience to SLATE. His hard work and positive attitude sets a high bar for the rest of the team. Off the clock, he recently raised over $10,000 for Type-1 diabetes research.



Noelle is a gem. She is 21 and newly married. Its hard to meet her and be in a bad mood. She has an infectious laugh and great attitude. Noelle has Type-1 diabetes, which, for the record, is the kind you’re born with, not the kind you get from eating too much sugar, just for the record.



Chris is our resident Texan and our grizzled veteran who has seen it all. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Chris is a state-certified restoration expert. When he is not using his expertise to help our customers, he loves model trains and using old Texas sayings that usually take us a few seconds to understand.


Jason Jarvis


I am mostly just working part-time as I pursue my career as a hand model. When I am not working I love spending time with my two cute girls and my fabulous wife.

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